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The Safir Company Learn Arabic in rabat morocco

Learn arabic language in morocco

Learn Arabic amazigh and tachelhit in rabat morocco

Safir is a transliteration of the Arabic word for ambassador. So, when you want learn arabic language in morocco, firstly, you gain insight into how others view the world. Therefore, you become an ambassador. Then, you’ll be able to negotiate nuances in culture and perspective with empathy, understanding, and appreciation.
The Safir Company was founded by a partnership of Moroccans and American Peace Corps Volunteers who believed that the world needs more intercultural learning. That’s why all of our programs are centered around intercultural learning, from our Language Courses to our University Counseling Program. Based in Rabat capital city of Morocco, we are uniquely situated to help our students succeed in their studies. All of our Moroccan arabic language instructors have years of experience training Peace Corps Morocco volunteers in the native Moroccan Arabic. Likewise, our American University Counselors have years of experience navigating university systems outside of Morocco. Because all of this, we invite you to come experience our unique style of teaching and counseling, which focuses on collaboration, communication, and creativity.


The Safir Company is where  learn arabic language in morocco become easier. Our believes in the power of effective communication through the medium of words. All of our instructors emphasize building our learners communicative capacities in Arabic and Tamazight through activities, materials, and experiences that model real-world situations. Furthermore opportunities for interaction with native speakers and field professionals are woven into the curriculum in an intentional way


learn arabic in morocco at the safir company

Capitalizing on object-based learning, our content-driven curriculum lends itself to the creative spirit. On the one hand, our instructors spend time examining the language with our students in a manner derived from museum education practices. On the second hand, creativity extends beyond our walls as well with Morocco as a canvas for experiential learning. Thereby students will find themselves learning language and cultural context through exploration, through doing, and through making.

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