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Where can i learn arabic? and who studies Moroccan languages at The Safir Company? In fact, people of all walks of life. Students, professionals, returned Peace Corps volunteers, NGO and nonprofit employees, Fulbright scholars, and teachers. And then, What do they all have in common? Every student wants to better immerse themselves in the Moroccan culture through language. There is simply no better way to improve your personal and professional life in Morocco than learning the native languages. New doors open up, new friendships are made, and a much deeper, more meaningful understanding of Moroccan culture comes to light.

Who is it for?

Our language program offers a new approach to learn Arabic and Amazigh.
In fact, its language learning designed by language learners. Moreover, a chance for an authentic and immersive encounter with the Arabic and Amazigh dialects that are shaping our modern world. Our pillars of collaboration, communication, and creativity set the parameters for our community to learn, to grow, and to thrive. Besides, every classroom at The Safir Company represents an ongoing collaboration between our instructors and students. Nevertheless, we use a student-centered approach that places the needs and objectives of our learners at the forefront of our mission. We also aim to collaborate with our host country of Morocco and its citizens to engage in mutually beneficial and sustainable dialogue, exchange, and community services.


The Safir Company is where  learn arabic become easier. Our believes in the power of effective communication through the medium of words. All of our instructors emphasize building our learners communicative capacities in Arabic and Amazigh through activities, materials, and experiences that model real-world situations. Furthermore opportunities for interaction with native speakers and field professionals are woven into the curriculum in an intentional way


Capitalizing on object-based learning, our content-driven curriculum lends itself to the creative spirit. On the one hand, our instructors spend time examining the language with our students in a manner derived from museum education practices. On the second hand, creativity extends beyond our walls as well with Morocco as a canvas for experiential learning. Thereby students will find themselves learning language and cultural context through exploration, through doing, and through making.

our teaching team

The safir company where i can Learn arabic with our teacher

Khaled Chaioui

Moroccan Arabic Teacher

Khaled Chaioui, a passionate English/ Moroccan Arabic teacher, is originally from Ain Chegag, a small town south Fez. After getting his Baccalaureat  certificate, he studied English studies at  University Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Fez where he got his BA in English/Linguistics stream. He worked for American Peace Corps as a Moroccan Arabic teacher for 3 years and a training assistant as well. Further, Khalid completed  100 hours  of teaching English for handicraft students as part of a teaching internship at the American Language Center in Fez.

you can learn arabic and darija with our teacher abderrahim

Abderrahim Elmers

MSA, Moroccan Arabic & Tamazight Teacher

Abderrahim Elmers is a PhD student in comparative literature and an association activist. He earned his BA in Arabic Studies from Sidi Mohammed ben Abdellah University Fez. He got his Master’s degree in general literature and comparative criticism from Mohammed V University Rabat. He is a poet and he has a certificate of academic excellence and a certificate of appreciation in poetic creativity.

Also, he has organized volunteerism workshops with associations that focus on rural areas. Abderrahim is a member of the Tairi N Marmosha Association for Culture and Local Development, which is concerned with youth development, education and health in the rural world of the Middle Atlas in particular.

you can learn arabic darija with our teacher

Asiya Chaaban

MSA, Moroccan Arabic & Tamazight Teacher

Asiya Chaaban is originally from Ait Aziza village near Khenifra. She moved to Saudi Arabia when she was a kid. After getting her Baccalaureat, she came back to Morocco where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language from Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tetouan. The topic of her research was “The Similarities Between Subjects in the Maqsura poem of Hazim el-Qartayanni”.
Asiya has a Master’s degree, specializing in “Literature and Society”, from Moulay Ismail University in Meknes. Her graduation thesis was about “The Activism in the Poetry of Thouria Saqqat”.
Asiya, who is a researcher in Arabic literature and all areas of Moroccan popular culture, holds a PhD in Arabic Literature from Hassan II University in Casablanca. Her thesis topic was “Collective systems in Amazigh poetry in the Middle Atlas” – the ‘Ait Aziza’ group as an example.

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