Welcome to Safir!

Welcome to Safir!

The Safir Company is the fruit of partnership between Peace Corps returned volunteers and very skilled Moroccan teachers. At the Safir we offer quality teaching in Moroccan Arabic based on language structure and students learning style. we also offer Classes in Modern standard Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

We run our classes either in the form of 8 to 10 students class or in the form of private tutoring (one on one class) or a small group tutoring.

At the Safir we schedule classes mostly afternoon to meet the needs of the non-Moroccan who live and work in Rabat and welling to learn Arabic.


Find us at :

Working hours

Monday- Friday : 11:00-19:00 Hrs
(Phone until 17:00 Hrs)

We are here

5 Imm 18 Rue de Tanger, Hassan, Rabat
Phone : +212 6 66699540
Fix : +212537724020
Email: TheSafircompany@gmail.com