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Learn Arabic in Rabat

who learn arabic in rabat and who studies Moroccan languages at The Safir Company? In fact, people of all walks of life. Students, professionals, returned Peace Corps volunteers, NGO and nonprofit employees, Fulbright scholars, and teachers. And then, What do they all have in common? Every student wants to better immerse themselves in the Moroccan culture through language. There is simply no better way to improve your personal and professional life in Morocco than learning the native languages. New doors open up, new friendships are made, and a much deeper, more meaningful understanding of Moroccan culture comes to light.

Who Is It For ?

Our language program offers a new approach to learn Arabic in rabat and Tamazight.In fact, its language learning designed by language learners. Moreover, a chance for an authentic and immersive encounter with the Arabic and Tamazight dialects that are shaping our modern world. Our pillars of collaboration, communication, and creativity set the parameters for our community to learn, to grow, and to thrive. Besides, every classroom at The Safir Company represents an ongoing collaboration between our instructors and students. Nevertheless, we use a student-centered approach that places the needs and objectives of our learners at the forefront of our mission. We also aim to collaborate with our host country of Morocco and its citizens to engage in mutually beneficial and sustainable dialogue, exchange, and community services. ghostwriting agentur

Our Language Programs

Learn Modern Arabic Standard

Our Modern Standard Arabic courses are designed for those who are looking to begin or advance their reading, writing, and communicative abilities. By using the Al Kitaab series, our instructors will bring to life the academic content while bridging this language with its real-world application. Then, Arabic alphabet will be taught from the beginning and used exclusively. Finally, an LPI will be administered at the end of each level.

Learn Moroccan Arabic “Darija”

We have designed Moroccan Arabic courses for those looking to begin or develop their communication skills. By using the Peace Corps Morocco textbook, we ensure that our students acquire a level of knowledge that they can quickly use in everyday situations in Morocco. On the other hand, transliteration and the Arabic alphabet will be taught, although the trajectory of the course is oriented towards the use of the Arabic alphabet only. Finally, an LPI will be administered at the end of each level.

Learn Tachelhit & Tamazight

Are you looking to learn Tachelhit and Tamazight ? Our courses are for you. First, they will help you to start and/or progress in your communication skills. Second, by using the Peace Corps Morocco manual, you will acquire a high level of knowledge. Also, you will be able to speak and communicate quickly in everyday situations in Morocco. In addition, the Tifinagh alphabet is well taught in its entirety. Finally, an LPI will be administered at the end of each level.


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