Program overview

The Safir Language Program offers a new approach to learning Arabic and Amazigh languages: its language learning designed by language learners, a chance for an authentic and immersive encounter with the Arabic and Amazigh dialects that are shaping our modern world. Our pillars of collaboration, communication, and creativity set the parameters for our community to learn, to grow, and to thrive.

Every classroom at Safir represents an ongoing collaboration between our instructors and students. We use a student-centered approach that places the needs and objectives of our learners at the forefront of our mission. We also aim to collaborate with our host country of Morocco and its citizens to engage in mutually beneficial and sustainable dialogue, exchange, and community services.


Safir believes in the power of effective communication through the medium of words. Our instructors emphasize building our learners communicative capacities in Arabic and Amazigh through activities, materials, and experiences that model real-world situations. Opportunities for interaction with native speakers and field professionals are woven into the curriculum in an intentional way. 



Capitalizing on object-based learning, our content-driven curriculum lends itself to the creative spirit. Our instructors spend time examining the language with our students in a manner derived from museum education practices. Creativity extends beyond our walls as well with Morocco as a canvas for experiential learning, students will find themselves learning language and cultural context through exploration, through doing, and through making.

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